The Legacy Series

The Fifth Language
In this sequel to Lifeline to Marionette and the second book of the Legacy Series, the connection between prodigious expertise and an autism spectrum disorder is divulged as gifted pianist Alaina Michelle Sekovich’s past is exposed. Closely-kept secrets of her childhood and her family history are revealed as her own mind is unlocked.


Two Legacies Book One
When reckless Jeremy Henrey and his friends fail to extinguish their campfire while hunting illegally on the historic Bar H Ranch in Hamilton, Montana, they ignite a wildfire that becomes the largest in the state’s history and set off a chain of events that threatens to destroy the ranch, the town of Hamilton and three generations of the Henrey family. 


Two Legacies Book Two
Upon his death, Alexander Sekovich joins the ranks of the greatest composers in history, including Tchaikovsky himself. Sekovich’s only child is forced to face the demons of her childhood as she dedicates herself to first understanding her father’s complex life and then preserving his legacy.


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