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Happy Birthday, Lifeline to Marionette

It is the eve of my book release day, and I have been reading quotes from Chuck Palahniuk, trying to find one in particular that popped up on  Instagram. I thought I had saved it. In my draft outline for my Virtual Book Release Party, I referenced it: “Insert Chuck Palahniuk quote here.” But the…
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Why Aspen, Why Winter, Why Christmas?

In a recent post on my Facebook Page (@jenniferwaitteauthor) and in the Acknowledgement that appears at the end of Lifeline to Marionette, I mentioned why I chose Aspen, Colorado, for the setting of this story. I lived in Aspen briefly while in my early 20s, and it left a lifelong, indelible impression on me. It…
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Michelle Seko - Fictional Character

Who is Michelle Seko?

The main character in Lifeline to Marionette is a conflicted and complex individual. My goal was to create a character who could shift the reader’s perception of her as her story unfolded. I want readers to be initially repulsed by her, then feel indifferent toward her, then suspicious of her, then concerned about her, then…
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Lifeline to Marionette Soundtrack

Life has a soundtrack. I grew up listening to my parents’ favorite classical music, and so it wasn’t until I started to exercise my independence that I discovered popular music. I have a vivid memory of tuning in to a rock station on a cheap radio when I was in grade school and hearing the…
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There’s No Turning Back Now

Well, here I am. As I look at the title I just typed in, I rethink it, then leave it as is. In truth, I could turn back now if I wanted to. I could stop altogether if I wanted to. I’ve chosen this path, and I have full discretion to change it. But I…
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